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Is This A Dream?

I stood there, I couldn't even speak. How could you love someone so much and only have just met their eyes for the first time? As I stood there, I saw him looking back, and I knew that he was something different. I think I know him? And in that moment, I became unaware of my surroundings and felt that I was in a different time.

I saw him, those brown, beautiful eyes, but I was standing next to a fountain in a dress that looked like it was from the fifties. I gazed up and saw him look into my eyes and say, "Will you marry me?"

In that moment, I realized I was standing on the green grass still looking into his eyes in present time as he was introducing me to his wife Kathleen. I could only think, I love you, and always will.

Snow Day

Winter’s here. I sense it. I peek out my bedroom window. The ethereal crust of white is layered on the ground like icing on a cake. It’s as if I can scoop up some of that snow and taste vanilla. Small colored specks rush across the cake.

I pull on my boots, shimmy into my coat, and wrap a scarf around my neck while flying outside. Never mind that Mom won’t appreciate me going out there.

I collapse onto the ground, letting my body sink into the snow. Wintriness nips my ears, but I don’t care.

It’s a snow day.


My eyes shot open at the sudden noise. I lay in bed, shivering with cold fear. I listened for a while longer just to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. Then it came again: the footsteps were definitely upstairs in the attic, though I thought I was home alone. The intruder started coming down the stairs, creaking quietly.

Every muscle in my body stiffened as the footsteps stopped. I held my breath and listened. After what seemed a lifetime the person moved away, and I heard more light steps. Whoever it was must have gone down stairs.

I slipped out of bed and peered through the doorway. I listened and heard nothing from the hall, so I made my way downstairs. I had to get to a phone, but we only had one in the house - in the kitchen. It was only when I stopped that I realised how scared I was. I listened through the door. It was silent, so I grabbed the lamp from the hall table, opened the door a crack, and peeped through. I couldn’t see anything, so I bit my lip and darted in.

I lunged towards the phone, lamp ready to defend myself against the mysterious person. I tripped and let out a scream of panic. I looked back, gasping in terror. I could hear breathing but there was no sign of any one. I looked up at empty space above me, confused. My eyes desperately scanned the room, searching for the invader.

Then I heard the strangest noise. A cat’s meow made me jump in fright. I looked down to see Fluffy, the neighbor’s cat. I forgot that we were looking after him for the weekend! I sighed in relief, laughing at my own stupidity.


It’s raining outside of the school. My head is turned to the window, and you would think that I was listening to the pitter patter of the rain, but you would be wrong. I’m looking past the window, rain, thunder, gray sky, space and the universe. I’m paying attention to what’s going on inside my head. It's a 24-hour FM radio that plays everything from Lady Gaga to hard rock. In my mind, it’s me singing a song I wrote to a crowd about love that I have not experienced but have read about in stories. I'm the girl that the handsome guy falls for, and not the size 2 skinny girl. I’m the girl who’s in all the movies and on the red carpet, sporting the newest fashion from my own designer collection. And finally, I'm the girl in my mind, who just wants to be accepted for who she is: a dreamer.

She Missed The Chance

There once was a girl who was in love with a boy. The boy's name was Steven; the girl's name was Rachel.

This story actually starts with the boy in love with the girl. He wanted to tell her, but when she didn't love him back, he decided he would go out with other girls.

He went out with Alicia, Kallie, and Emily. While he was going out with all these girls, Rachel realized she loved him, that he was the one for her. She treasured every moment he looked at her and loved his personality. He slowly started to realize that she was in love with him, but they were both too shy. Soon, they were on two ends of the world. Rachel was in the nerd/smart people group, and Steven was in the cool athletic guy group.

Rachel always wondered if Steven liked her, and Steven always wondered if she liked him. One day Rachel got a phone call from a mysterious person. The person left a message on the answering machine to call a number and say just the first name of who she liked, then hang up. Rachel called, practically screamed Steven into the phone, then hung up. It turns out that the person who left the message was not Steven, but his older brother. The person who answered the phone when Rachel called was Steven’s mom. Steven’s mom told Steven about the call. Steven's brother jumped in and explained the whole thing.

Now Steven is going out with Rachel.

Wolf Girl

I grew up wild. I scuffed my shoes on cracked pavement and left torn fabric on the branches of every tree I conquered. I exhibited my battle scars proudly, rolling up my jeans and dramatically describing grazes on my scrawny legs. Once, I punched one of the pack for calling me ugly. He took the blow with a silent grimace. I was ready for a fight. I demanded to know why he wouldn’t retaliate. He told me he was eleven now; hitting girls was wrong. The pack members nodded. I snarled and beat them up anyway. That’ll show those boys.

Smile, 'Cause I Fell In Love With It

I walked into that cafeteria, slowly and coolly. I had straightened my hair, and I was wearing a sky blue shirt with denim jeans. Yep, I had the world's attention. I walked into the snack bar, ready for a pizza and water. But then, suddenly, in the back of my mind I remembered what today was. Today was the day that HE would ignore me for the rest of my life because he knows I like him.

By he, I mean Logan. Sweet, cunning, funny, and a book worm like me, I loved every inch of him. But now he knew that.

I sat at a table with my other friends. I was talking to them when my friend Jack stood behind them and signaled for me to come over to him, so I did.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Logan wants to talk to you," he told me, looking serious. I sighed. I guess I would have to face the humiliation of a lifetime.

"Okay," I told him. I walked over to Logan, and he was as red as a tomato. Probably embarrassed that his best friend had a humongo crush on him.

"Okay, see... I was kind of wondering... maybe even… you could go to the movies with me?" He asked, his eyes looking at me, shining with a look that meant, "Say yes!"

I smiled. "Yeah!" I said, and he hugged me, and I blushed like a red beet.

Take A Chance

On the beach, ocean water splashing his knees, stood a man. His mouth was slumped into a frown, crinkles edging around his weary eyes. My heart pained for the stranger. Kayla, don’t even! a voice scolded me in the back of my head.

“Hey!” I clamored, jogging to him. “Why do you look so dismal?”

“I have slipped into an abyss of dejection!” he shouted in reply. “We weren’t meant to be!” He moaned and groaned, “All my fault! My fault!” He lay down on the sand, the waves crawling over his chest, and muttered, “Die. Die.”

“No! Don’t!” I grabbed his arm and pulled him up. “Why would you do that?”

The stranger remained silent. “Belle. Her name’s Belle.” He smiled. “I love her.”

My heart melted into jelly. “And she doesn’t love you?” I queried.

The man shrugged and answered softly, “I…d - don’t know.”

Eyes widening, I raised my hand, ready to slap him silly. “Don’t know? YOU DIDN’T TELL HER?”

His grim eyes avoided mine. “I -- I couldn’t. I can’t.”

“In all the novels I’VE read, the guy who doesn’t tell the girl he loves her ends up LONELY for the REST OF HIS LIFE,” I informed him. “So TELL HER.”

“Have you told your crush you like HIM?” he demanded.

I stepped back, flustered. “W - what?”

“Have YOU…” he began. I stopped him. “No, I understand what you said. I just don’t…” I sighed, thinking about Jake’s dreamy, sea-green eyes. “No.”

“And it’s EASY to tell him?”

“N - no.”

The man glanced at me. “Tell him, Kayla. Tell Jake.”

“Wait, how do you know…?”

A breeze blew past us. The man disappeared in a cloud of dust. “Tell him, tell him,” a voice echoed.

I told Jake the next day. We’ve been dating ever since. My mantra since that day? Take a chance.

Smile, Eliza!

Throughout the kingdom, news of a woman spread. A woman said not to have even a tiny bit of happiness within her. A woman, that is, who never smiled.

For centuries, it appeared to be the duty of a princess to have a warm smile. However, the king’s first daughter, Eliza, who was to turn 16 soon, didn’t have a smile at all. Jesters were sent from miles around to entertain Princess Eliza. None of them succeeded to so much as turn a corner of her mouth upwards.

Nobody understood why Eliza wasn’t happy. Swathed since birth in diamonds and fur coats, she should have been the happiest girl in the land. But what she really needed was a friend.

On the day of her coronation, it was, of course, required for her to dance with all the men at the ball. With no expression on her face, she did so. The men were angry that she didn’t say a word. She was so beautiful; they couldn’t believe she lacked any personality. The men stomped off.

Her face remained impassive as she strode to her throne in the corner and sat. On the inside, she cried, upset that no one wanted to be her friend. They only wanted the throne and a pretty wife. She felt so alone. So preoccupied with her thoughts, she did not notice the stranger walk toward her and sit on the ground next to her.

When she finally saw him, she was greatly puzzled. Why, she wondered, would anyone want to sit on the cold floor? Eliza asked him. He replied he did not want to sit with the girls because all they seemed to do was flirt to get to his money. He explained he was a rich duke whose uncle had made him come to find a suitable wife. Silently the new queen agreed with him. They continued to talk and Eliza found she was enjoying herself.

Meanwhile, heads turned in their direction. Gasps filled the room. The king turned around from talking to his wife to stare. He couldn't believe his eyes! Queen Eliza, engrossed in the conversation, was smiling the most beautiful smile anyone had ever seen. And for once in her life, Eliza was happy.

When Things Go Wrong

I can’t take it anymore! I stare at the wall, silent but deadly. I feel that if I stare at it hard enough, it will melt.

I hear a soft knock at my door. Nobody in my family knocks softly. Their knocks are hard, like the stinging words they insult me with. It’s not my older brother Sean or my parents.

I look up, stifling a gasp. In the doorway is my only friend, Marcia. She is the only one who likes me, who understands me: my only friend. And she’s holding a present for me. I’ve never gotten a present before. Ever.

She smiles and wraps her arms around me. I don’t open the gift yet. Already I know she’s given me the best gift I’ll ever have.

A Message

I take the letters from the letter box. “Um… Mom, Dad, Uncle Larry, Larry, and … me?” I’m surprised. One letter for me! I’m so happy, I run in to my house.

“June, don’t run in the house!” says Mom, but I don’t hear her because I am happy.

In my room, I read my message.

Dear Stephanie,

I like you. Will you go on a date in the park with me? Monday, at 1:00pm. I’ll be waiting for you.

I’m so happy, but I think, maybe this is a spurious letter.

When the day of Monday has arrived, I go to the park. I see a boy. He looks like he is waiting for something. He looks back and smiles to me. I know that face! It’s Rico. I am surprised because this person is who I like, and now, I’m going on a date with this funny and sweet boy!

Hide and Seek

I'm looking and looking. I can't find her. I glance out my bedroom window, bright morning sunlight blazing lasers into my eyes. Wincing past the blinding light, I see Shannon's little blue pool. No one is there. I turn back to the pile of clothes on the floor. There's a sky blue T-shirt with sparkly pink words and a monkey saying "No monkey business." It's my sister's shirt.

"SHANNON!" I yell, my head thrown back, my cheeks red with frustration, confusion, and curiosity.

"What, Erin?" my eight-year-old sister walks in, brows furrowed angrily.

"I found your shirt." I toss the tiny shirt to her and push her out back into the hallway. SLAM. Door is closed.

I'll look again tomorrow, but I still haven't found her. I haven't found me yet.

Crashing Down...and Surviving

This CANNOT be happening.

“Please understand, Mia,” begs Mom.

I survey my surroundings: wild rice topped with curry sauce sitting on a plate in front of me (fave food), an ice cream soda (fave old-time dessert), and snuggled in a cozy booth in Blue Robyn’s (fave restaurant). “NO!” I shout, feeling people’s eyes repose on me.

“Mia,” whispers Dad, leaning near me. “You’re overreacting. It’s not that we don’t love you, hon, because we do. We’re just…doing what’s best.”

“IS DIVORCING AND LEAVING WHAT’S BEST?” I roar, pounding my fist on the table. “WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO THIS, DAD?”

Mom pats my hand. “Mia, we haven’t been getting along. Your father wants to pursue his filming career. We gotta do this. Los Angeles isn’t far, only a 6-hour drive.”

My face crumples up, wringing out tears. I rest my head on the table and sob.

My parents both kiss me and cuddle me. My world is crashing down.

* * *

It’s been about 2 months since Dad moved to L.A., leaving Mom and me to fend for ourselves, alone and homeless. Well, that’s how it felt.

“It’s okay,” my BFF Alice assures me every day, hugging me. “You’ll deal.”

I always sigh, shudder, and squirm out of the hug in reply. “Riiiight.”

Now, it’s been 3 months. And you know what? I think I am dealing. Adapting. I feel…less empty. There’s still a hole in my heart, but it feels a little more filled each day. Especially since my crush, Derek, is now talking to me.


* * *

Tonight is the night of the Fall Dance. And Derek asked me to go with him! OMG!

After the delightful dance, I send Dad an e-mail:



I miss you like insane.

Your daughter,



... I survived.

A Lollipop

I walk in silent street. Not any people over there, only me which walk. I listen the voice. A person. He’s tall and have a white skin. “Hi, girl. What’s on your mind? Why you look to be sad?” said the man.

“I live impecunious and do not have a friend,” I said.

“I suggest to taste my Lollipop,” said the man. “This Lollipop is wonderful. It can alter your life!”

“Sure?” I don’t believe intention of him. He gives me the Lollipop and walks again. He not come back again.

I go home and taste the Lollipop in street. The taste is sweet and make your mood happy. I peeping. There not change sign. He lied to me.

Arrive one person come to me. “Hey, girl. I’m a rich guy. Now I’m old and soon I’ll die. Do you want to become my heir? Because my child is not to be my heir,” said the old man. I’m so happy, the mysterious man is true! The Lollipop is change my life!

Tomorrow, I go to the Old Man’s house. I look at the appearance of his house.

“Welcome to Mr. Gerald house, little woman,” said the steward. I passing alley with best architecture in the world. “Oh, little woman, wait just a few minutes. Sit in this chair,” said the Old Man. “You must sign the contract, OK?”

I see the contract and see the rule. After that, I refuse him.

“But why?” said the Old Man.

“Sorry Mr. Gerald. This rule is not same with my life. Permit me to go back. Thanks!” I say.

And now I realize that sometimes change does not forever respect.



“You’re MEAN!” I shriek, tugging the cloth my so-called friends tied around my head. On my BIRTHDAY.

Giggles. “Denise’s gonna love us…” What’s going on?

Wetness tingles my nose. Fur brushes against my skin. The cloth peels off my face. I blink my eyes, my vision hazy. “Oh,” I whisper, tears spilling from my eyes.

“Are we mean now?” jokes Trish, smiling.


“You owe an apology,” giggles Leila.

I hug the black, charcoal puppy close to my chest, feeling its heartbeat. It licks my face, the red ribbon around its neck waggling excitedly. “Ribbons. Your name is Ribbons.”